Ui / UX developer


You'll find a little bit about me on this site and some blog posts of things I find interesting, mainly they are for my reference but if someone finds it useful then even better. I currently head up a small front end team looking after the UX and front end output for Drummond central.

Ui development
  • HTML & CSS

  • Javascript/Jquery/Grunt/webpack

  • Pattern libraries

  • Repsonsive layouts

  • Currently Working with:
  • React.js

  • React-router.js

  • Meteor.js

  • Webpack

UX research
    • Problem defined

    • Usability testing against a live product, or a prototype

    • Wireframing and Prototyping

    • Laying out wireframes and sitemaps

    • Creating a working prototype

    • Usability testing ( again )

    • Site analysis

    • Alaytics research

    • Defining any problem areas and iterating

    • Usability testing ( see a pattern? )

Ui design
  • Using the UX research to design the interface

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