UI / UX developer & Designer

Welcome to my small space on the internet, you'll find a little bit about me here and some blog posts of things I find interesting. I currently head up the UI and UX design and research output for Drummond central.

Stuff about me

UI development
  • HTML & CSS

    HTML5 and CSS3 using latest standards including W3C Web Content Accessibility guidelines, fully browser testing and ensuring final code is accessible and semantic and with the use of BEM and Modular code approach aiming to make reusable and future proof code.

  • Javascript/Jquery

    Using babel I have started to use ES6.

  • Preprocessors

    Grunt, webpack and babel

  • Custom Pattern libraries

    I use a custom pattern library to create templates and componenets making it easy for back end developers in implement the code.

  • Repsonsive layouts

  • Currently experimenting with:

  • React.js

  • React-router.js

  • Meteor.js

UX process
    • Qualitative & quantitative research reports utilising surveys, contextual inquiries, usability testing.

    • Wireframing and Prototyping

      I supply detailed and annotated wireframes showing all functionality, including notifications touch points and interactions on the product. I can develop click through prototypes to test on users if you are in early development phase.

    • Data analysis

      Using UX software and in-depth analytics research I can gather data on where improvements need to be made. Completing a prioritisation matrix we can prioritise the improvements over a time period checking against technical feasibility, design feasibility, and impact on user.

    • Defining any problem areas and iterating

    • Usability testing ( see a pattern? )

Ui design
  • Using the UX research I design high fidelity layouts using sketch.

    Create interaction prototypes where required. Example

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