Hi & welcome, thanks for checking out my small space on the internet. Guess this is where I tell you a little about myself and stuff, I have a dog and live in the North of England, born in Scotland in a wee place called Kirkcaldy.

I am a product designer currently the lead UX/UI designer for WhoCanFixMyCar.com I have worked in various digital roles since graduating in multi-media design. Each role I have put users at the forefront of all my processes. I ensure I use a user centric approach and test as early and often as possible ideally in an agile way, see my UX process for more details.

I take business objectives, data and usability findings to ideate solutions and take ideas from concept, planning, wireframes and prototyping to UI design. Then monitoring and working with data analysis and user testing to define success. I have also worked as a front end developer, so building in technical constraints, accessibility concerns and merging this with empathy for users which helps to create better products.

My current role involves researching with users, designing and testing solutions and working with the dev team on a daily basis as we build the solutions. I then use live data from our data team to monitor and improve. We have access to lots of users on the mechanic and driver side who love to give input on improvement and features they would like to see which really helps our team out.

My week consists of gathering and using research to design flows, solutions, mapping journeys to then validating decisions through testing and monitoring. I create UI style guides for new systems and design interfaces based on wireframes through to high fidelity click through prototypes and interactions in software like principle and framer. We have a large amount of data that we use along with the data team to help make decisions and support our releases.

I have worked on projects for clients such as: RAC, Confused.com, WhoCanFixMyCar.com, Bet365, Stoke City FC, Money Guru, Nexus, Johnstone & Johnstone, DPD.

See my linkedin in profile for my work experience.

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