Hi & welcome, thanks for checking out my small space on the internet. Guess this is where I tell you a little about myself and stuff, I have a dog and live in the North of England, born in Scotland in a wee place called Kirkcaldy. I love trainers and I am working on a side project that will blow your socks off.

As a "designer who codes" I can iterate and test prototypes quickly

I am Lead UX designer for WhoCanFixMyCar.com I have worked in various digital roles since graduating in multi-media design. Each role I have put users at the forefront of all my processes. In UX design it's ensuring it's a user centric design and tested as early and often as possible ideally in an agile way, see my UX process for more details. In my Front end code it's ensuring code is fully accessible and user-friendly and screen reader ready, see my Front end process. As a "designer who codes" I can iterate and test prototypes quickly. I use programmes like principle, framer.js and marvel or I can code prototypes or fully standard compliant, production ready code in HTML, CSS and javascript.

I have worked on projects for clients such as: RAC, WhoCanFixMyCar.com, Bet365, Stoke City FC, Money Guru, Nexus, Johnstone & Johnstone, DPD.

See my linkedin in profile for more work experience details.

View Behance for a few UI design examples I am working on.

Case study WhoCanFicMyCar.com

Case study MoneyGuru.com

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