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Instant quotes

Problem statement

“Give drivers an instant and accurate quote, and allow garages to view and edit their quotes at any time.”

Business goal

Give 86% of jobs posted 5+ instant accurate price (Currently 35%) and to increase acceptance rate to 20%

My Role: Lead Product Designer


Our users expect to see an instant accurate price, and we also have feedback from mechanics who would like to be able to quote quicker.

Driver feedback

“What happens now? Do I need to wait on a quote?”

Garage feedback

“I don't have time to quote on the jobs”

User journey map

Garage interviews

I interviewed around 20 garages and mechanics.


Feelings: Concerned that we provide the wrong price, worried about bad experiences with drivers around pricing.

Thoughts: looking forward to saving time with quoting but hoping their is not more customer management.

The main concerns for the garages are around price and making sure these are accurate.


Do drivers expect the price to be final?

Remote usability testing with invision and wireframes.


Drivers expect the quotes to change when they get to the garage depending on whether more more is required, or parts prices etc.


I gathered all the results and held a session consisting of affinity diagram sessions to consolidate the results and define the start point.

  • Drivers expect prices to move, however we need to ensure they know its a quote
  • Garages want accurate prices:
  • The AI has a tolerance of plus and minus 10% so we need to give the the power to manage and update prices.
  • The parts plus labour calculations do not take into account the "Fudge factor". For example a certain model ford focus may not need a part removed to get it the timing belt.
  • Garages need to update prices instantly and live.
  • Garages need a management tool to view there prices and to update if they feel they need to. (They will have upwards of 300,000 potential quotes)

Defined MVP for the AI solution

Myself, the product manager and the data scientist then decided on a MVP to go live with. This was based on when we could have the first cut of data, how quickly we could test a prototype and how much management we want to give to the drivers on the release.

  • Onboarding for the mechanics
  • New quote tiles, tooltips, more info sections as well as email coms
  • Management tool that allows the mechanic to view all prices and update

Design / Ideate

I then set out designing the flows, wireframes, interaction designs and prototypes, so we could test and iterate.

User personas to guide the design.

Sketch and plan full end to end flow

I always start out with sketches and rough flows and wireframes as I work out the possible routes. The flow touches the mechanics and driver in numerous places. So will need several flows ranging in detail and then several prototypes.

Brain storm session / affinity session

After gathering the feedback I arranged a brainstorming session to discuss findings and sketch out changes.

Stakeholder brainstorm and review.

SmartQuote brand

The quote generated by us needed to look different to the quote supplied by the garage. So we introduced a brand and we could then use tooltips and pop-ups to explain this to the driver.

Usability test SmartQuote brand

This is the first point to gather some usability feedback on thoughts and perceptions of the branding and how this would work. Static wireframe click throughs.

  • Remote testing
  • Invision prototype
Remote usability testing with invision and wireframes.

Driver comparison page UI / interactions

Now that I have tested the wireframes and the brand, I then created the UI designs and created the prototype to then test and pass onto the devs.

Sketch Ui examples.

Garage SmartQuote management

The driver managment tool needs to be make it easy to access and update up to 300,000 prices.

On-boarding for new garages

New garages that do not have any data for would not be able to have Smart Quotes. We base the quotes on their past quoting behaviour. So to get around this we would need to get them to quote on 24 pre defined car types, and job types to then use this date to cluster the results and allow us to create quotes on their behalf.

Prototype 1
Prototype 1

Problems to over come

Live updating of prices when a mechanic confirms a price. So i set about creating prototypes and animations to support the devs.

"What if a driver accepts a quote that's wrong? We need to be able to update and monitor quotes"

Here are the prototypes and UI i provided to supprt the dev.

Sketch Ui examples.
Principle animation for devs

Usability tests with mechanics and drivers before release

Once we had a working version to test the end to end flow, I approached several garages that had indicated that they would like to be involved in the process of developing a solution.


A session with the product team was then held, to work out how we want to release, how we are going to monitor and how we are going to gather data on the release.


  • Release on two job types first
  • On-boarding to allow mechanics to authorise us to start quoting on their behalf
  • Run hot-jar
  • set up GA dashboard
  • Data team daily feedback reports
  • Release on a category by category basis and slowly introduce more features and improvements based of further feedback.


Instant quote rate increased by 60%, and accept rate increased by 36%;

Next steps

  • Working with a local Usability Lab and research team to test the full journey from the driver side.
  • Base changes on this feedback.
  • Release next interaction of the management tool.
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