UX checklist

I attended a workshop on UX earlier this year and this was a very useful checklist to ensure you are putting the user before all decisions.

User research

All design decisions on this project have been based on research conducted with our users

Problem defined

Based on our research, we have defined a clear end-user problem that our product or feature will solve

Mental Model

Our design aligns with our users’ mental models of the service or product

Perceivable and predictable

At all times, it’s clear what users are being asked to do, and what will happen when they do it


Users are given helpful information at helpful times. Users are told when an event occurs, why it has occurred, and what they need to do if it requires fixing.

Common conventions

Unless explicitly decided otherwise, our interface controls follow common conventions


We are using digital affordances naturally, to clarify how our product should be used.

Deprioritise edge cases

The design is optimised for what most people do most of the time.

Usability test

We have tested a prototype of the product for usability issues. We are adjusting the design accordingly