How to launch a product - Define

If your not up to speed read this how the journey started first. This is step 2 in my process of creating a MVP with the objective to test the market, and get some genuine user data.

This step is to look over our empathy research and start to define personas, stories and a problem statement.

User stories

I have two user types at the moment, the buyer and the seller. I will cut down the stories to the reworked MVP model. So no categories and search, however there will be additional stories specifically for this version. Full list


I selected a few key users and completed several personas. To try and put myself into their shoes to find out some key traits.

Empathy diagram

Using the interviews and key personas I then completed several empath diagrams to did a little deeper into the feelings and frustrations.

Problem statement

As a sneaker head, I want to buy and sell exclusive genuine products, to a community of like minded people, securely and safely.

Affinity Diagramming & Card Sorting

This style of affinity diagram takes on the more of the Design thinking style, where we add everything I have found so far, quotes from users, sketches I have made any key user stories and ideas.

User story mapping

I gathered all of our research and mapped out stories to show how the buyer and seller would reach their goals.

How might we

Some key how might we discussion points. These are some possible questions that we need to solve.

  • How might we ensure genuine products
  • How might we create a community
  • How might we ensure all transactions are safe and secure
  • How might we make it exclusive
  • How might we stop the need for queuing
  • How might we get good photography

Methods I will revisit after I have a MVP to test

User Journey map, Storyboard, More info here

Follow the journey

How not to launch a product

How the journey started

Step 1: How to launch a product - Empathise


Step 2: How to launch a product - Define


Step 3: How to launch a product - Iterate


Step 4: Build a MVP / prototype and design


Step 5: Test on the MVP / prototype

Promote on facebook, instragram and twitter. Gather shed loads of user data. Google analytics, surveys, hotjar, usability testing etc. Get it into the hands of users.

Step 6: Analysis the data

Analysis data and create usability maps of real data.

Step 7: Iterate and improve

Revisit UX design and adjust.