How to launch a product - Prototype

If your not up to speed read this how the journey started first. This is step 4 in my process of creating a MVP with the objective to test the market, and get some genuine user data.

This step step is to start to create low, and high fidelity prototypes to test, this stage will involve building a MVP to launch.


Using all of the information I discovered in the define stage I started to sketch out possible solutions and potential user flows.

Wireframes and Interaction flow

This is the interaction flow and wireframe for the buyer persona showing how the user reaches his goals for each story

Services I need to sign up to.

  • Domain name
  • Github for git hub pages hosting
  • Twitter / Facebook / Instagram
  • Slack
  • Gmail
  • Mail chimp
  • Formkeep so I can have forms in jekyl

I have procrastinated long enough now, I really need to think of a name and a brand. This is not my area of expertise and is the hardest part. Gulp…

UI design

Coming soon

Follow the journey

How not to launch a product

How the journey started

Step 1: How to launch a product - Empathise


Step 2: How to launch a product - Define


Step 3: How to launch a product - Iterate


Step 4: Build a MVP / prototype and design


Step 5: Test on the MVP / prototype

Promote on facebook, instragram and twitter. Gather shed loads of user data. Google analytics, surveys, hotjar, usability testing etc. Get it into the hands of users.

Step 6: Analysis the data

Analysis data and create usability maps of real data.

Step 7: Iterate and improve

Revisit UX design and adjust.